Under the Community Center for Academic Excellence curriculum, a high degree of knowledge is presented with the incorporation of old fashioned character values. Our “core” curriculum includes the seven basic academic disciplines that fulfill essential educational needs. The curriculum has strong emphasis on humanities, mathematics and sciences – both theoretic and applied.

We place great emphasis on character development in every aspect of a child’s educational experience. We value the way in which all students are unique and our curriculum promotes respect, good manners, courtesy and the highest standards of personal behavior.

Our Curriculum Includes:

    • Diagnosing and prescribing student at a level appropriate for his cognitive learning and performance ability
    • Mastery-based learning
    • Individualized system of teaching and learning
    • Development of student’s critical thinking skills — knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation –      within good character framework
    • Reading programs: Readmaster, Typemaster, Math Builder, Computer Technology and Word Builder

    • Enrichment electives in Math, Reading, and Art programs
    • Field trips and other organized events

This curriculum should lead students to take hold of the excellent foundations of learning so that they will lead life honestly, confronting life’s problems and challenges confidently, become life-long learners while contributing to the welfare of society.